Saturday, December 1, 2007

December finally rolled around. On the Saturday, the 1st, Dwight was home for the weekend. We needed to go grocery shopping and Dwight was adamant that I needed to take a pregnancy test. I was only 2 days late, which was not uncommon for me and I felt it was a waste of money. Dwight was a little irritated with me and thought I was being silly. I didn't think it was wise to waste money when we knew that I couldn't get pregnant.

Anyone who knows Dwight, knows that he can be quite opinionated. It is often easier to just agree to what he wants than to argue with him. So to satisfy Dwight I bought a home pregnancy test. A box of 2 actually.

I had been drinking a ton of water all day (in hopes of losing weight). And, while they say you can test at anytime of day or night, I figured I should probably wait till morning. Then ... my curiosity got the best of me... afterall, there were two tests.

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