Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's almost 9 pm here and I am wiped out. It's been a busy day, but oh, we've had fun! I thought I'd share a few pictures and a few fun video clips. Okay, there's really more than just a few ...

Last night we went to see The Tale of Desperaux. We had read the book as a family a while ago and so we were pretty excited to see it. The munchkins all decided to wear santa hats to the theater.This year I started what will be a new tradition. We took a picture of each individual child as they came down the stairs for Christmas morning. Isn't that fun? Ryan was still snuggled up all comfy in bed.And, of course, as soon as I took the picture, he started to wake and did that cute little baby stretch...Daddy started our Christmas morning with some fun Christmas songs playing and Deborah was SOOO excited she could not contain herself. I tried to take a picture of the little Christmas dance she was doing, but couldn't catch her ever facing the camera.We all ate a little protein to get us through the morning exercises. :) And, then it began... Daddy always hands out our presents. He does an amazing job! We had lots of fun! It's great to watch the munchkins open their gifts. I think we must have the most gracious children on earth too. Everything was just what they've always wanted! Ryan was awake for the festivities and seemed to be fixated on the lights. Deborah bought him a new wrist wrattle. She was scared to death of them as a baby, but he doesn't seem to mind them.Deborah was really excited that Santa had brought her stuff with Elmo on it. I think she would have been perfectly happy with a box wrapped in Elmo.

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