Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Countdowns and Milestones...

Can you believe it's already the 2nd of December? Only 23 more days till Christmas! So much to do and so little time! We planned to buy a Christmas tree last night ... you know the real kind that fills the room with the smell of Christmas (and that leaves needles in the carpet till next Christmas). Well we went to dinner first which took a little too long. By the time we made it to buy the Christmas tree they had just closed. It was Family Home Evening: the Indian Food & Christmas Tree Denied Edition. So tonight after tithing settlement, we'll head out for the Christmas tree.

So, Kelli, remember "K is for knitting not crocheting?" Well, I had my first crocheting experience since Merry Miss class when I was 11. I hate it! Is hate too strong of a word? Um..... no. I must be missing something because I just don't see how anyone could find crocheting enjoyable. I never could find a rhythm to it.

Why was I crocheting? Because the cute little Suede dress I had knit for Deborah called for a crocheted edge around the neck and sleeve lines. I think the dark color edge is a nice touch, but did it really need to be crocheted? What do you think?

Oh, and speaking of Deborah, you other Moms will appreciate this ... Deborah went poopy on the big girl potty! Whewhoo!!!

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DixieJo said...

this is so cute! My neice is visiting and she is just starting to knit, so I was looking up some of your stuff.