Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dr Rhame left a voice mail message last night at 5.15 pm. He was calling to follow up on Ryan. He wanted to see if we were able to get an appointment with the Neurologist.

I spoke with him this morning. He said he pulled all the hospital tests and was unable to find any thing. He wanted to know when our appointment was scheduled and with which Neurologist. I told him we were scheduled for February 3rd with Dr. John Seals. He asked if I would like him to call and see if we could get it moved forward. I told him that would be great and expressed appreciation.

A few minutes after I hung up from Dr Rhame, Dr Seals office called me and rescheduled Ryan's appointment to January 19th at 8.45 am. I called Dr Rhame's office back, scheduled Ryan's well-child care appointment for February 2nd, and left a message thanking Dr. Rhame.

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