Monday, December 15, 2008

Our good friends, Becky & Eric Singletary bought us the cutest little chair for Deborah as a baby gift. She LOVES that chair .... almost as much as she loves Eric. (For the first year or more, Eric was the only guy other than Daddy that Deborah would let hold her. When Daddy was traveling she would often whimper while Eric was holding her. It was the sweetest thing!) Anyway ... you've seen pictures of Deborah in that chair ... remember, her in the little Christmas outfit in front of the Christmas tree. Well, she's very territorial about the chair. She has "given" some of her things to Baby Ryan, like the crib, the swing, the bassinet ... but NOT her chair.

The other day she was out of the room and I thought I'd just take a quick picture of Ryan sitting in her chair. More than anything, I wanted to see if he could sit in it yet. So I got this picture...Then, it happened, the owner of the chair returned! I felt a flash of panic, but to my surprise, she was SOOO excited. She started ... what I would call yelling ... excitedly saying, "My Baby Ryan in my chair!" She was thrilled! So, then I snapped this picture:

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