Saturday, May 2, 2009

I should have known better...

My sweetheart took me on a date tonight. When I got out of his truck, I put my diaper bag over my shoulder. (Yes, we had Ryan with us on our date.) Then I noticed that my bag was REALLY hot. So, I said to Dwight, "Something is creating a lot of heat under your dash." I opened the change pocket and noticed that the change was really hot, but the AA batteries were so hot they were warping! Perhaps you can already guess what really happened... I still hadn't clued in though. So I said to Dwight, "It's so hot that it's warping the batteries in my bag." Dwight freaked out a bit. The batteries were so hot I couldn't pick them up. Thankfully my strong, brave sweetheart pulled the batteries out of my bag and threw them down on the ground. I wish I had my camera with me then so that you could see how warped the batteries were.

Yes, I'm generally an intelligent being, but it never occurred to me that putting 2 AA batteries in a pocket with a bunch of quarters, dimes and nickles would be a problem. (Dad and Mom, when you read this you were having flash backs of me wringing water out of the towels onto the floor, huh?)

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