Thursday, March 18, 2010

My sweetheart

Last night I had a tough night and my sweetheart rubbed my back and neck for quite a while. Then this morning at 5 something, he realized I was awake and hurting. So, once again, he spent about 30 minutes rubbing my neck and shoulders. What a sweetheart!

Feeling a little better this morning, other than my mouth. I can barely swallow. My mouth feels almost raw and I have a sharp pain that happens on the sides of my mouth whenever I put anything, even water, in my mouth. Not fun.

I naively thought that since Tuesday wasn't a bad day that it would only get easier. I'm thankful that it's limited to what I'm feeling and it's not worse than it is.

Thanks for your love and prayers! And, Dwight, thank you! Thank you for being my sweetheart!

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