Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pink Magic

I have found a new love. They call it "Pink Magic." It's a compound prescription that the Dr ordered for me on Friday. It's a thick liquid that I swish around my mouth and then swallow. It has an odd consistency, but it's worth it.

It makes it so my mouth doesn't hurt so much. It's so good that by last night, I thought, "Oh, my mouth isn't hurting much at all now. Just tingling a little still."

Then the meds wore off around midnight. Um. Yea. The pain is still there. But, it's definitely not as bad as it was on Thursday and Friday.

As for the other little discomforts of chemo, the body aches have moved down to my lower back and hips. It's weird how it's just making its way down my body. I wish I understood that on a chemical level. The intensity is definitely weakening now and I'm hoping for a good week.

Dwight and I went to Lowe's yesterday to pick up some clippers for the bushes. I'm really excited to try it. I've never trimmed a bush before and hope that I don't make a mess of it. I figure I'll start slow and small. We also looked at purchasing a fruit bearing tree for the back yard. The peach trees have beautiful blossoms and look like they would eventually make beautiful trees. We have a spot that used to have a large tree. Now it's just growing little weeds. I thought a pretty blossoming tree would work well in its place.

I hope the cold weather that we had yesterday and that is supposed to be here still today doesn't kill our little garden. It's been fun to see the plants growing and the kids take such an interest.

Well, time to get everyone ready for church. I hope you all enjoy a beautiful Sabbath!

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Debbie Cannon said...

Hope your mouth and everything else is feeling better today. Did you get a tree planted? How was trimming the bushes?
The Stander looks like some serious technology went into that. I hope it works out very well.
Thinking of you and your family!