Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Today has been a good day. Dwight "woke up at 4 am to make quiche and to prepare fresh berries." The quiche and the berries were really yummy! (But I'm pretty sure he bought the quiche already made and was asleep till after I woke up.) It was just nice to have breakfast in bed this morning. I then lazed about in bed till I suddenly realized it was already 10.30! Yikes! Now you know why we were late getting to church this morning.

On the way in from church, I noticed this beautiful orange flower in our front flower bed. Isn't it beautiful? I love the vivid orange color! It reminds me of my sister, Cindy. It seemed so perfect that it bloomed today. I wondered if Cindy would have sent a flower just like this one to Mom for Mother's day. What do you think, Mom?

After church, I had more quiche for lunch and the family gave me a new phone set since our current phones do not seem to always recharge. Deborah gave me this cute little card that she made for me today. There were even more sparkles on it, but they are now at the bottom of my diaper bag where she first put the card.

(Does anyone else see the Grinch when they look at this card?)
Didn't she do a great job writing her name. She seems to have mastered the D and the e. We probably need to do a little more work on the rest.

(So, do you see the Grinch?)

Johnathon also gave me the following card:

On the left side below is our garden. See how big those tomato plants are getting? Everyone is surprised that I haven't killed the garden. I'm definitely not known for having a green thumb.

Also, notice how long my eyelashes look. Johnathon is convinced that my eyelashes have grown even though I have lost a lot of my hair. I love that in this picture, I'm still taller than Johnathon ... even if only by a small amount.

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