Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jacob's Job

Jacob decided early this year that he wanted to take $100 to spend at Scout camp. If you know Jacob, you can probably guess that he is anticipating spending the full $100 on junk food & sodas. Since camp is only 6 days, you can also probably imagine Jacob on about $16 per day of junk food & sodas. Oh, my!

Obviously, we are not going to give him $100 or allow him to foolish spend $100 from his savings account. Our response was the typical, "Get a job." So, he did. Every time he met a neighbor or friend, he would tell them that he was looking for opportunities to earn money. He would tell them that he could pull weeds, or mow lawns, etc.

Thankfully, he had more work than he had time to do.

I have to admit that as Mom, I was a little nervous about turning Jacob loose with a lawn mower or a weed eater. I could easily visualize a one-handed Jacob going to scout camp guzzling soda and somehow managing to eat candy by 2 handfuls at a time even with just one hand. :)

So, I took him to his first job, and was relieved when he came home tired from hard work and with all his limbs still attached. Later that same day I took him to his 2nd job, where I watched him mow and trim a lawn like a pro. Amazing! Why am I paying a landscaper when I have Jacob???

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