Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Neurologist Update

Ryan and I went to see Dr. Seals today. He was wonderful as usual!

We discussed the effects of the change in medications. We're still seeing several seizures a day. So, he upped Ryan's medicines again. He is now taking Trileptal and Lamictal. Hopefully, the combination will work.

I also asked if Ryan might grow out of the seizures, as I've heard some children have done. He said that some children do, but it depends on the cause of the seizures. The bottom line is there is not much of a chance of Ryan out growing them. However, we are blessed that he is responsive to medicine. There is a chance that if with medicine we can get him to the point where is having no seizures that his brain may decide that it's supposed to behave that way. If that happens, we may be able to back off some of the medicine without him starting to seize. (I hope I explained that right.)

He was encouraged with Ryan's vocals and especially enjoyed Ryan's smile.

Oh, and since we had discussed my cancer at the last appointment, today I gave him my good news. (I stated it as being in "remission" so that I wouldn't stress yet another doctor with the terminology of "cancer free.") I loved that he celebrated with me the joy of being in remission. I could see it in his eyes and his staff's eyes that they were truly happy for me and glad to hear the news. Isn't that wonderful? Sometimes people think of doctors as money-hungry, greedy people. I'm sure there are some out there like that, but my experience has been very opposite of that. They are kind, self-sacrificing people. Can you imagine the years of sacrifice that not only the doctor put into becoming a doctor, but also his family? We have been blessed with a team of good-hearted, wise, knowledgeable doctors. What a blessing!

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