Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Please tell me why.

I don't always agree with everything or see the necessity for things, but I can usually see why others might think it's a good idea. But, I went shopping for a homecoming dress with Jessica the other day. While I was waiting, I saw this pretty black dress. I don't usually shop at that particular store, but I thought, "Oh, I'll try it on."

After selecting my size, I went into the dressing room and slipped the dress on. It was a very pretty dress ... but ... wait ... what? what is this? What???

Can someone PLEASE explain to me WHAT this is? It was almost like a pocket, but it went all the way through. It laid flat, unless I took a step and then it did this weir puckering thing where you could see through to the other side. Is it a hand warmer?

I know I'm not a fasionista, but seriously, what's up with this?


Paige said...

maybe the belt is supposed to go through it? or maybe its a place for the teenage boys to slip their hands around their lady friends? did you ask a sales person? i would have.

Doug & Michelle said...

It's a place to put your hands, kind of like a pocket.