Friday, November 5, 2010

A Big Sigh of Relief

I finally received the call. And, the news is good.

Last Thursday, David had a bluish bump removed from his hip. It wasn't a mole and it had some pain associated with it. The dermatologist really had no idea what it was and so he needed to biopsy it. He thought it might be a blue nevis or a glomus tumor.

After researching it a bit, it really didn't look like a blue nevis, and a glomus tumor didn't seem like a very good option. Too many associations with cancer. I thought I had put it out of my mind and determined not to worry about it.

Then the call came. My neighbor was visiting and so I couldn't answer the call. The message from the nurse just said, "Mrs Mann, we need you to call us back." Oh, yikes. So, as soon as I could clear the kids from the room I returned the call unsure of what I would hear.

Isabel, the nurse, hurried through the polite conversation and said, "Mrs Mann we received the biopsy results. It is a pigmented benign cyst."

Then I realized that my heart was racing, my palms were sweating and I was essentially holding my breath bracing for another bad news moment. I heard myself sign an audible big sigh of relief. I'm sure Isabel shared my joy since she was the one who called me with each of my prior biopsy reports. I'm sure she was also relieved not to have to deliver bad news.

Such relief... oh, thank heavens!

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Camille Hammond said...

I'm so glad! I've been thinking of you!