Sunday, January 16, 2011


Saturday night Dwight was scheduled to arrive home late. 10.30. Ryan and I had talked about Daddy get home. All day we had talked about it. Ryan was really missing Daddy. Around 9 pm I tucked Ryan into bed, swaddled in his fleece blanket and gave him a kiss. I said, "Daddy will give you kisses when he gets home. You go to sleep till then." That's when he did it. Ryan shook his head No. Over and over and over. Very clearly telling me, "No." No vocal sounds, but most definitely telling me No.

So, I kissed him (with a huge smile of course), pleased to see him communicating and so obviously understanding. I turned on his music and started to shut his door as I left the room, like I do every other night. He squawked at me to let me know that he did not want his door left. I went back over and repeated basically the same conversation, and the same actions, until I finally realized: He wanted his door left open.

An hour and half later when Daddy arrived home, Ryan was lying awake waiting for him. As soon as the door opened, Ryan called out to Daddy with his own vocal sounds that mean Daddy. Of course, Daddy rushed right to his side to give him the promised kisses.

I'm so thankful that Daddy is so responsive to Ryan and understands Ryan's language so well. It was so sweet to listen through the monitor to the two of them communicating in a way that only a boy and his Daddy can talk.

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