Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Today I took Deborah and Johnathon to the pool to swim. Deborah is 4 years old. She normally asks me to put her "swimmies" on as soon as we get there. They are water wings or floaties, whatever you might call them, they help her to stay afloat since she hasn't learned to swim.

Last summer she had started putting her face under water but this summer she has been very reluctant to get her face wet at all.

Today as soon as she arrived she immediately got into the pool, pool sandals and all. (When I bought her last pair of sandals I called them "pool sandals" meaning that they'd be good to wear to the pool. She has decided that means they'd be good to wear in the pool.) No floaties. No swimmies. No floation devices.

Since I'd love to have her work on swimming skills, I simply reminded her that she should blow bubbles if she goes under water. Within just a few minutes, she was walking under the water and blowing bubbles.

It was fun to see her confidence soaring so high today. I can't wait to see what she does tomorrow!

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