Friday, March 23, 2012

Nice to be Home

It is so nice to have Ryan at home again.  He is doing so much better and life seems to have returned to our normal. 

As I have thought about our time at the hospital and the circumstances around it, I am overwhelmed with gratitude.  I am so blessed with so many wonderful friends.  Dwight was out of town and yet my family was well cared for during the entire time.  I did not have to worry at all about them. 

If you are well acquainted with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, you are probably familiar with the Visiting Teaching program.  It is a program where each sister is given two sisters who watch over a particular sister.  Ideally each sister has visiting teachers and each sister is a visiting teaching.  I love the visiting teaching program. 

I am especially fortunate in that I have two amazing women as Visiting Teachers.  One has been my Visiting Teacher and good friend for several years now.  The other just moved here maybe a year or so ago and has been my Visiting Teacher and friend since then.  They are both women of influence and both are great examples to me.

I have had numerous great women as Visiting Teachers over the years and I have been so fortunate to visit women that I have learned so much from over the years.  So you might say the Visiting Teaching program is sort of an assignment to become friends.  Cool, right?

Anyway, one of my Visiting Teachers happened to call just as I was walking out the door Monday to take Ryan to the Pediatrician.  She was calling to make an appointment to come see me this coming week.  I explained that Ryan was sick and I was on my way to the Pediatrician.  I promised her I would call her back when I got home and I'd let her know if I needed anything.

So as I was following the ambulance to the hospital, I called her to let her know what was happening and that I would in fact need something.  Then she coordinated everything else with other people.  It was such a blessing not to have to worry about calling and asking for help from so many people.  I could focus on Ryan and my other children. 

Dear friends came to the hospital late at night and stayed with Ryan caring for him.  (I would say "slept at the hospital," but I'm fairly confident they didn't get much sleep.  I've stayed at the hospital enough to know there's not much sleeping at hospitals.)  I was able to go home at night and comfort my children.  This was especially important for Johnathon and Deborah who were feeling really anxious about the situation.

Other sweet friends brought in dinners for the family.  Yes, my older kids could have made food for the family, but it was so nice for them that they didn't have to do it. 

I was very proud of my children as they did keep the chores around the house done, and Jessica and David helped a lot with Deborah and Johnathon. I love that they were so thoughtful!

I also felt very blessed by the type of care we received at North Central Baptist Hospital.  We have been admitted before by the Hospitalist, Dr. Armstrong, and so it was nice to have him again.  It was nice that he remembered us.  It was also nice when the nurse, Jenn remembered us as we went back in to try again for IV.  Somehow just being remembered built confidence.  And, Jenn and CJ were so kind as they worked together seamlessly to place his IV.

The Respiratory Therapist, Max, was so friendly and I enjoyed talking with her so much. I loved our conversations. It felt like I was talking with someone I had known for years.  The same was true of several of the nurses, especially Jana, Laura, and Dannielle. They just seemed to go out of their way to make Ryan and I feel comfortable.  It felt as though we had friends on the unit.  Although I won't miss being in the hospital, I will miss those conversations and I will wonder how each of them and their families are doing.

I also feel very thankful for all of your prayers.  I know without a doubt that we have been blessed so many times in Ryan's life ... and throughout my life ... by prayers.   I know He hears you when you pray and I'm so thankful for the prayers that you offer on Ryan's behalf.  They have worked. We have seen him healed so many times.

Thank you!

PS Today is the 101st day without a seizure!

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