Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Jacob

Fifteen years ago yesterday, I woke up early in the morning to a pop sensation and what I now know was my water breaking.  I also now know that I started having back labor, but I have a high pain threshold and since there wasn't a definite start or end to the contractions, I didn't know they were contractions.  It just hurt. 

So, I got up and took a shower and sat at the computer for a while.  I tried to "time the contractions", but again, there was no start or end, just non-stop hardening of the tummy and serious back pain.  So, I never mentioned any of it to Dwight and we went to the office for the day.  Around noon, I realized I should probably at least have the doctor check things out.  So I told Dwight we just needed to stop by the doctor's office.  He had no idea of what he was in for.

When I was on the exam table, the nurse said, "So when did your water break?"  I replied, "Probably about 4 am."  Dwight was not happy that I hadn't even mentioned it.  But, I had heard stories of women not being able to hold their urine and I just knew that it might be me, since after all, I was HUGE with Jacob.  And, since I didn't seem to have any other for sure signs of labor, I didn't think it was my water.  Well, I was wrong.

Unfortunately, by then it had already been more than 8 hours since my water broke and doctors apparently think you should be at the hospital by then.  So, they wouldn't let me go eat lunch or anything.  They had us go directly to the hospital.   At 1 am, on May 13th, 1997, Jacob was born in American Fork, Utah.  

Today he turns 15 years old.  I look forward to seeing Jacob's successes in the future!  I hope that this will be his best year ever!  Happy Birthday, Jacob!!

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