Sunday, December 30, 2012

Let It Go

Tonight I'm finishing lesson preparations for tomorrow's Relief Society class.  I'm leading the discussion on "Of You It is Required to Forgive."  I started preparing this lesson during mid November and so I've had lots of time to ponder the subject.

For Christmas I received a book that I've been wanting to read called, "Let It Go" by Chris Williams.  You can watch an interview about his story.  Just click here

There are many profound truths about forgiveness in this book.  But one really stuck out to me tonight.  I won't tell you the full story behind the statement as I hope you'll read the full book.  I just want to share this thought with you. 

He says of an experience that had happened much earlier in his life, "I could see what I had allowed the Lord to make of my life because of what I experienced.  I could stop wondering, Why was this allowed to happen to me at such a young age?, and instead I could start detailing what Christ was able to make of my life and who He was able to bless through me because that [it] was allowed to happen."

Have you had an experience like that in your life?  Something that you wondered why it was allowed to happen to you?  What if, instead of questioning why it happened, you were to detail what Christ was able to make of your life and who He was able to bless through you because of what happened

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Joyce said...

Tina, I too received that book. It has touched my life. By being a part of the recovery group at church I had the opportunity to ponder that question. With the addiction and the things that happen before and during it, that I have completely turned my life over to him.I am human and I have my days where I think what the heck are you doing? I do firmly believe he has great sense of human but I understand I would not have the life I have without his hand in everything. The concept of forgiveness is amazing to me and I think its so to learn the power that forgiveness can hold. I have had many examples of people forgiving me, like my sons for what not being the mother they deserve during my active addiction, like the many people I hurt really bad they forgave me. More important about four years ago I learn how important it was to forgive the people that hurt you. I have been amazed how it has opened my heart to learn more about what Heavenly Father has plan for me and where I want my life to go. I am so grateful for the atonement and I have always known its for the big things but after studying and praying I realize its for the little things. When I think about Jesus who went to the garden and he suffered for ALL my hurts, pains, sins, and desires and he wanted to do this for me. To think that our elder brother loved me enough to bleed from every pore and he cried because it hurt but he did it is so humbling to me. All he had to do is say Father I can not do this. and he would not have to do it but he chose to do. Think about it?