Monday, July 28, 2014

One Down

Ryan's surgery went better than expected today.  Thank you for all the love, good thoughts, support, and prayers!

They anticipated his surgery would take 4-5 hours, but they were done in just under 4 hours. They did not need to do the open reduction because their was no need to clean out the hip joint.  This is a great blessing.  Not only did it mean an easier surgery, but the open reduction is also what causes the stiffness post surgery so it should also mean an easier recovery.

Ryan felt frustrated by the anesthesia when he started to wake up and I suspect he probably felt a bit of frustration from having his arms contained by the spica cast and his left arm contained by the IV and his right arm contained by the blood pressure cuff.  But, ever since the disoriented feeling wore off, he has been resting quite comfortably, except for when we rotate him.

Every two hours, we have to rotate him a little to prevent swelling, skin issues, and blood from pooling.  I don't think he's really feeling pain from it, but he seems very nervous about us moving him.  I think I'd be nervous too.

He's talked to Daddy a few times today.  It is taking a lot of energy for him to make any sound at all.  The last time, after a few minutes, I told Dwight he was falling asleep cause he looked like he was, but he immediately started shaking his head no.  He just wanted Daddy to keep talking to him.

We will be spending the night in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) so they can keep Ryan monitored closely.   Please keep us in your prayers.  I have truly felt the strength of your love and support today.

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