Monday, August 11, 2014

2nd Surgery

We started the morning really early today.  As you can see, Ryan was still a sleepy head.

(Notice all of his artwork on his cast?  Thanks, Jessie!)

But he really perked up and even showed a sense of humor with the doctors in the pre-op holding area.  He was a little sassy with Dr. Magnabasco and smiled when I called him out on it.   Funny boy.

The surgery started on time and took just a little longer than the first one.  Overall, it went well today.  Dr. Magnabasco did the same thing to the left side as the right.  (He did not have to have the open reduction.)  Unlike two weeks ago, when he came out of the surgery, he had a hard time waking up from the anesthesia.

When he finally did start to wake up, he was very frustrated and seemed to still be in a lot of pain.  Of course, if you look at the picture below, you might be able to see why he's in pain.

Those are pins and plates holding everything together.  Ouch.  (We'll do surgery again in a year to remove all of them.  Ugh.)

You probably already know that green is Ryan's favorite colors.  Johnathon was very bothered by him not having a green cast last time.  It only makes sense to Johnathon that it would be a green cast since that IS Ryan's favorite color.  So, green it is.

We have been trying to stay on top of his pain today, but it's taking a lot more meds.  It's hard to tell whether it's more painful or if he's just frustrated.  Please keep him in your prayers.  Hopefully, this will be a quick recovery and I'll wonder why I fretted so much about this surgery.  Wouldn't that be nice?

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