Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Promised Pictures

Ryan was quite irritated by the hat. But, he made a cute pumpkin!
Deborah really wasn't sure about dressing up in a costume, but once she got a piece of candy it was all worth while!
Isn't Johnathon the smartest (and cutest) Turtle ever?
David was the Joker. I wish I had recorded his mimicking of the Joker's rants. Creepy.
Jacob was a cute Mime ... not a quite one, but a dang cute one! Loved the black hair!
Jessica was Harlequinn. (If you're like me and not into comics, Harlequinn is a side kick in Batman.) I think Jessica just enjoys the creativity of dressing up.

All this for 6 1/2 pounds of candy! Hey, I want the Laffy Taffys!

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KAP said...

Oh, poor Ryan. Love all the costumes!