Friday, July 16, 2010

Ryan's therapy appointment today went great! We worked a lot on sitting and rolling. We also worked on stretching out his left arm, which has become really stiff again. One of the most exciting parts of therapy today happened when Ryan had rolled (with a little help) onto his tummy. He brought up one leg and pushed himself forward on the blanket. So Miss Erika (our Physical Therapist) helped him. He really enjoyed scooting. It's so fun to see him engage his muscles and help himself move. I feel really encouraged today that he will be able to sit, roll, and even scoot before much longer.

It was also really fun to watch him interact with Erika. He loves her so much! Erika has been such a blessing in our lives. Unfortunately today she shared some bad news. She's leaving in September.

It's really hard to have these amazing people come into our lives and then leave. Not only will it be a loss because she's very talented at getting Ryan to do stuff, but we will simply miss seeing her each week and enjoying her kind spirit. We do wish her and her husband the very best and hope she will keep in touch with us!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Metabolic Geneticist Follow Up

Today is our follow up with the Metabolic Geneticist. I'm not anticipating any news since we've already received all the results from the last round of testing. I am curious to see if he feels there are any additional tests to run. I'm hoping Ryan doesn't need any blood work.

I'll keep you posted.