Wednesday, November 12, 2008

14 Weeks

I was hoping to find a picture of Deborah in her car seat at 14 weeks. I think it's interesting to see the 2 little ones at the same ages. I think they are similar in size. Deborah was a little smaller. I think she was just starting to wear newborn size clothing. Ryan is wearing mostly 0-3 month size clothes. Ryan cannot hold his body or head up enough to sit in Deborah's chair. Not only can he not hold his body up enough to do it, but I think Deborah might be a little bugged by it. We've had to negotiate what has been passed on to Ryan. For example, Ryan gets the crib, but she still gets the swing. She is willing to share it, but still claims her territory. "Baby Ry in my swing."

Speaking of things that belong to Deborah... Daddy. As you may know, our whole family no longer fits in the minivan, and I'm unwilling to loose money trading it in. We typically have Ryan and Deborah's car seats in my van. So they ride with me to church. Church is during naptime, which means that we have a very tired, sometimes irrational 2 year old on our hands after church. For the past month, she has yelled and cried ALL the way home. (Thankfully, we only live about 2 miles from the church.) "MY DADDY!! ME NEED MY DADDY!! WHERE'D GO MY DADDY?" Over and over again with increasing panic and wailing. No amount of reassurance calms the child. No bribes. No threats. (And, believe me, a tired, sometimes irrational mother of 6 can make a lot of threats in 2 miles.) But, once the girl catches a little glimpse of her daddy within reach and the world ... and my Sabbath ... is again a calm place.

This past week Daddy had a brilliant idea ... Deborah rode with him to and from church. THANK HEAVENS!!! Such a simple solution = such a happy little girl = a more sane Mommy.

Speak of sanity... tonight the conversation went like this:

Me: "Did you arrange my music in a particular order when you were setting up my iPod for me?"
Dwight: "No, why?"
Me: "You sure have a knack for giving me music with meanings when I take a day trip."
Confused Dwight: "You know there's a mental illness where people assume the media is trying to send them messages."

No, I'm not mentally ill.... let me explain. A while ago, I drove north about 2 hours to meet a new friend for lunch. Dwight wanted to go with me and I declined. He made me a cd of music to listen to on my way there. "Since you've been gone I can't breath" ... "All by myself" .... etc. Last Tuesday when I ran away from home, Dwight had just lovingly put my music on my "new" iPod. (I've had it sitting unused next to my bed for several months now.) The first song ... "May God's love be with you always!"

Either way ... be it insanity or him not owning up to his doings, I really appreciated the message.