Saturday, September 5, 2009

A sleepless night

I went to bed last night around midnight. Ryan woke up around 2 and has been awake since then. He has a fever, and has been having a lot of myoclonic seizures. It's unusual for him to have them this early in the morning. I wonder if the fever is contributing to it. He had 47 in a 2 hour period. (It is a lot but even that is down from the 60-70 he was doing in 20 minutes back in July ... or was that August.) I'll keep an eye on him tomorrow and give the Neurologist a call. If this continues, we'll probably need to take another ER trip.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy Birthday, Johnathon!

My sweet, energetic, happy Johnathon turned SEVEN years old today!

We had a great day! The 5 younger kids and I celebrated Johnathon's birthday at Incredible Pizza. Then tonight we had cake and ice cream. (Check out the awesome cake! Jessica had agreed to make the cake, but then she was too busy. Johnathon had his heart set on a lego cake. So, I did my best. I think it turned out okay. He was happy and what else could matter.)

It was a great day! He loves his loot and I sure love that 7 year old boy. Every Mom should have such a happy child!