Friday, September 6, 2013


Don't you just love Pinterest?  I do ... except when I don't.  I don't love that it can eat up a lot of my time unintentionally and that it doesn't always do what I want it to do.  Like right now.  I want to use it to mark this page on education and special needs so I can come back and reference it later; however, it won't since there are no pictures.  Thus, since I try to be a problem solver, you get this boring post.  Thanks, Pinterest.  ;)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

We're In!

More than 2 years ago I put Ryan on a waiting list for TEAMability, an amazing organization that offers physical, occupational, and speech therapy for special needs kids in a really special way.  Today we finally moved from the wait list to the patient list!!  HE'S IN!!! 

This answer to a prayer came at the perfect time.  Our current provider just dropped his occupational therapy completely and wanted to cut his physical therapy to once a month because "he isn't making enough progress" and they didn't want to get a denial from our insurance.  Yet insurance just authorized 4 hours each week of physical and augmentative therapies for the next six months. 

I'm so thankful!!

Self Portraits

A little over a month ago, Ryan's awesome speech therapist introduced Lemon Glycerin Swabsticks.

They are like large, lemon flavored q-tips.  We rub one on the inside of Ryan's mouth.  We're hoping it helps strengthen Ryan's suction and swallow so that some day maybe he'll be able to eat by mouth again, or
 at least be able to taste some foods.

Since introducing this lovely lemon swabs, Ryan has discovered his fingers.  You probably already know that this is a very important milestone that most infants do some time during the first year.  Well, Ryan has never brought his fingers to his mouth before.  During the past 9 months, maybe less, he would blow raspberries on his arm, but never explore his mouth with his fingers.

Oh, but now!  We can't get his fingers out of his mouth!  And, it's not just a fingertip, or even one finger.  He typically has all four fingers completely in his mouth.  He must not have any gag reflex.

On one hand ... sorry, just couldn't resist ... it's a wonderful thing, but then on the other hand (yes, I'm still enjoying the pun) there's the excessive amounts of drool that's being created not to mention the red marks his teeth are making on his fingers.

So, you might be wondering what all of this drool and lemon glycerin swab talk has to do with the title of "Self Portraits?"  Let me tell you.

Ryan's teacher asked us to do a self portrait.  She gave us a little cut out that reminds me of a gingerbread cut out.  We've done this before each year.  You might remember his very first drawing in 2011, or you can look at it again by clicking here.

This year's self portrait was extra challenging!  I thought we'd use finger paints.  Ryan really likes finger painting; then I quickly realized the finger paints were going in the mouth with his fingers.  Not a good idea.  So, I grabbed some brushes to use, but Ryan had no interest in holding the brushes today.  Then I jokingly said, "We could paint with mustard."  So, we did ... and ketchup ... and we even tried relish.

Do you see the resemblance?