Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remembering 9/11

It's hard to believe that so many years have passed.

On that dreadful day, we lived in Allen, TX in a beautiful red brick home in a quiet suburban neighborhood. I was sitting on the couch folding clothes while watching a children's show with Jessica, Jacob and David. They were so little then. Jessica was 6. Jacob was 4 and David was almost 3 years old.

They interrupted the children's television show with the news that a plane had hit one of the World Trade Centers. At first it seemed to be an accident, but within moments there were confusing reports of other planes hitting other buildings. The pentagon included. I had a friend who worked in the Pentagon. His father worked there also. There was also a report of a plane going down in a field. It was all so confusing.

Then we watched on live tv as another plane came into view on the screen. I remember feeling so helpless as I realized the plane was headed for the towers. There was no doubt at this point that it was intentional. America was under attack.

I remember watching bodies dropping from high up and the sound of them landing on an awning. I remember the mass confusion on the ground.

For some reason, Dwight was home that day. His company had an office near there and I was so thankful that he was home. I woke Dwight up to see the news, but I was in such shock that it didn't even occur to me to have the kids go out of the room.

I remember how quiet the world seemed for a while. I was scared to take the kids out to the mall or to the parks. I remember watching the tv for hours as they reported on people looking for family members. I remember feeling so sad.

I wish it had never happened. I cannot imagine the sense of loss that so many families feel from such a senseless tragedy.

Did the perpetrators realize that Americans would become stronger because of their attack? Did they know that we would forever remember that day? Did they anticipate that it would awaken so many sleeping Americans to the need to protect our country, to fight for our freedoms, to pray, to be thankful, to honor one another?

I love the surge of American pride that followed, the surge of gratitude for those who keep us safe, and the surge of prayers that took place. I hope as we remember today that we still remember to pray, to be thankful and to be proud of righteous freedoms.

May God bless each and every one of us. May He watch over and protect those men and women worldwide who sacrifice so much so that we can enjoy so many things, and may their families feel His loving arms around them.

And, may each of us thank and honor them for their selfless service.

Friday, September 10, 2010


Enough with the scary experiences this week. I hesitate to even put this picture here, because I really don't ever want to ever see it again. But here it is...

Can you see it?

If you know me well, you may have some idea of how I'm feeling today. I'm trying to deal well with this, but it just feels like the proverbial straw.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Creepy Experience

I went downstairs at 3 am to help Ryan because he was choking. When I was leaving his room, I heard this really creepy whisper-y voice saying "Mom", slowly, over and over. It didn't sound like *any* of my children. I couldn't even tell where the sound was coming from -- maybe inside the *locked* closet??

Then in the darkness, a hand touched my thigh. I almost peed my pants!

Deborah is lucky she didn't get hit out of pure reflex. What the heck was she doing downstairs at 3 am and why did her sweet little voice sound *SO* creepy?