Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday with Daddy

Dwight took Jessica to Art school today. Since it is downtown, he usually stays downtown and hangs out while waiting. Today he took Deborah and Johnathon with him so that I could get some other things done. (Thanks again, Dwight!)

When he asked Deborah what she wanted to do, her first suggestion was to go to the dentist office. Yes, we have an awesome dentist and everyone there loves Deborah. When he said they couldn't she then wanted to "go on an eb-or". Since Dwight didn't know what she was referring to he started asking her questions. "What do you do on an eb-or?" She said, "You push buttons!" Still not quite sure, Dwight asked, "What happens when you push the buttons?" She excitedly replied, "You go up!"

So, guess what Dwight, Johnathon and Deborah did today? Yes, they went to the downtown mall and rode an elevator up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down ...

I'm told a good time was had by all. Pretty cool Dad, right?
Today Ryan and I attended a celebration for NICU Graduates at North Central Baptist Hospital. It was a good opportunity to remember how blessed we are to have Ryan with us. We also saw a couple of the amazing nurses. I wish we had been able to see more of them. Some of our favorites were not there. I was looking forward to the opportunity to tell them again just how much they helped us.
We got this sugar cookie covered in a hard sugar icing. I must do my duty ... and eat it. :) This is my favorite type of cookie. Remember Roselyn Bakeries? They had the best sugar cookies!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Off to the Zoo

Today Deborah, Jessica, Ryan and I went to the zoo. We had a fantastic time! It was the perfect weather here in San Antonio ... mid 70's with a slight breeze. Just a beautiful day!

Deborah didn't have a lot of interest in some of the animals. Not the lions, tigers or bears. (Oh, my! Oh, sorry. I couldn't resist.) Not the butterflies or the jaguars or the flamingos. But, the monkeys ... she really liked the monkeys.

Jessica said, "A fish eating sushi!"

Not my favorite exhibit, but it was kind of fascinating to watch this huge python rub its skin off. Fascinating and creepy. (To my family ... did you ever think there would be a time when I'd have a picture of a snake on my blog? Hard to believe, huh?)

This was Deborah's favorite thing at the zoo. Not the fish. No, she wanted to see the crocodiles. We went back to this place several times!