Saturday, December 20, 2008

Jacob and Daddy went camping last night with the other 11 year old Scouts. I hear they had a great time. They made some yummy beef stew and hung out around the fire. The boys told "scary" ghost stories, and then one of the Dads, our friend Jeff, told a real ghost story. Dwight said the boys started moving into a little huddle together and were obviously getting a little uptight. So after that story, in hopes of getting some sleep, Dwight got all the boys talking about Batman. One of the boys reported in the morning, that to his surprise he didn't think about the scary stuff cause he was too busy thinking about Batman. It sounds like Dwight's genius plan worked.

This morning they had breakfast, and helped to clear some trees from the property where they stayed. They built the above contraption, sat on it, took pictures, and then took it down again. It seems a good time was had by all. Jacob is looking forward to his next camping adventure.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Today has been a bit frustrating. I can't seem to comfort Ryan in any way other than just feeding him. He doesn't respond to me, and he doesn't seem to feel comforted by anything I do. It's just tough.

She still fits in a back pack!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dr Rhame left a voice mail message last night at 5.15 pm. He was calling to follow up on Ryan. He wanted to see if we were able to get an appointment with the Neurologist.

I spoke with him this morning. He said he pulled all the hospital tests and was unable to find any thing. He wanted to know when our appointment was scheduled and with which Neurologist. I told him we were scheduled for February 3rd with Dr. John Seals. He asked if I would like him to call and see if we could get it moved forward. I told him that would be great and expressed appreciation.

A few minutes after I hung up from Dr Rhame, Dr Seals office called me and rescheduled Ryan's appointment to January 19th at 8.45 am. I called Dr Rhame's office back, scheduled Ryan's well-child care appointment for February 2nd, and left a message thanking Dr. Rhame.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Our good friends, Becky & Eric Singletary bought us the cutest little chair for Deborah as a baby gift. She LOVES that chair .... almost as much as she loves Eric. (For the first year or more, Eric was the only guy other than Daddy that Deborah would let hold her. When Daddy was traveling she would often whimper while Eric was holding her. It was the sweetest thing!) Anyway ... you've seen pictures of Deborah in that chair ... remember, her in the little Christmas outfit in front of the Christmas tree. Well, she's very territorial about the chair. She has "given" some of her things to Baby Ryan, like the crib, the swing, the bassinet ... but NOT her chair.

The other day she was out of the room and I thought I'd just take a quick picture of Ryan sitting in her chair. More than anything, I wanted to see if he could sit in it yet. So I got this picture...Then, it happened, the owner of the chair returned! I felt a flash of panic, but to my surprise, she was SOOO excited. She started ... what I would call yelling ... excitedly saying, "My Baby Ryan in my chair!" She was thrilled! So, then I snapped this picture:
Not every Saturday is as crazy and busy as my last Saturday. It's just that I'm about 2 weeks behind ... oh, maybe more ... and so I'm constantly trying to catch up. At what point do I get to just "file bankruptcy" on all the things I need to catch up on? :)

Baby steps though, right? So, tonight my baby step was to move all the photos from my camera and update my blog. Are you ready???

First, an update on my arm... it's healing really well. I can now move my wrist about 30 degrees up and down, and about 15 degrees to either side. A lot more work to do in that area, but the incision looks good, see:
More to come...