Friday, November 27, 2009

Another update on Ryan

You may remember that Ryan has had nothing by mouth since Monday evening. So, today we offered him formula by tube first. Then we checked to make sure it was passing from his tummy in an appropriate time manner and it was. So Dr. Baldwin said I could offer it by mouth and he sucked it right down ... all 4 ounces. Looks like we'll be heading home soon.

At the hospital & doing well.

I have a new phone that is making me a little crazy. I haven't been able to connect to give you all an update. Ryan's surgery went well and he's continuing to do well. We started formula today and we're going to try for 4 ounces at the next feeding. I am hopeful that we will go home tomorrow. I will give you a better update on everything then.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ryan's Surgery Update

Last night went well. Not much rest here at the hospital, or at home from what I heard. Apparently, Dwight has several sick kids on his hands. Poor guy. I may not have been able to sleep last night, but at least I'm not cleaning up puke. I think I got the easier job this time.

Ryan is doing well. He's still needing some pain meds, but less than last night. I've been holding him a lot today. It's a little awkward though since he has the IV tubes and the tummy tubes. I dumped some of his stomach acids on me early when I was moving him. Ewww. I've certainly become more careful this afternoon.

Dr. Baldwin came in and said we need to wait a little longer before offering any thing by mouth or by tube. I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ryan's Surgery

Ryan did well through the surgery. He lost very little blood and had no problems with the anesthesia. Dr. Baldwin, the surgeon, who is really excellent, said that he was pleased to find that Ryan's tummy is large enough that he should be able to eat probably 6 ounces. (You might remember, he has been only eating about 2 or 2 1/2 ounces at each feeding.)

We are now in his hospital room. I would say we're trying to rest, but if you've ever stayed in a hospital you know that there's not much of an opportunity to rest. Someone comes in the room about every few minutes to check on something. I'm just thankful we have very kind nurses. One of the CNA's, Jeremy, is the same one we had with our last hospital stay.
He is still very sleepy, but obviously feeling some discomfort. The surgeon has ordered strong pain meds to keep him comfortable. He will only be receiving IV fluids through tonight. Hopefully, we can start with clear fluids tomorrow.

Below you can see the tub coming from his belly. It currently is only being used to drain stuff from his tummy. Once we start clear fluids we will need to check to be sure the fluids are passing from the tummy into his intestines without any problems.

I'll keep you posted as I can.
"Of course, it hurt! Legos do not belong in your nose!"
"Do not put any more Legos in your nose!"
Oh, dear! What did I get myself into?!?

Monday, November 23, 2009

A Fun Treat

Our neighbors dropped off a fun plate of treats tonight. Aren't they cute? Thanks, Toblers!

A Great Quote

Today I was actually able to spend most of my day at home. Ryan's EEG was at 8 am and so we were home shortly after 9.30. It's dark and I haven't left my house all day. Yippee!!

Obviously, there's lots to do at home. I needed to pack for this week's hospital stay and I also wanted to start packing for the move.

I was able to pack all the non-essential items in my little corner of the master bedroom. And, tonight I started the scary process of cleaning under my beds. What did I find there? A lot of dust, lots of feathers, scripture readers, a board game, lots of unread magazines, several well-loved knitting magazines, and a partially eaten bag of fiery hot cheetos. (I hate cheetos, except when I have a cold.)

Oh, and I found this quote:

"With so little time and so few opportunities,
what words of doctrine from me will fortify them
against the attacks on their faith
which are sure to come?"

I think Henry B. Eyring must have said it. It sounds like him, doesn't it?

Portraits by Deborah

"Deborah and Mommy"
(Is that a beard on me?)

I love that she drew me as one very happy Mommy!
(And, I'm relieved that she doesn't always draw me with a beard.)