Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Call Kevin

Last summer Deborah was going under water at the pool, but this summer she has regressed.  Do your children ever do that? So I decided to put Johnathon and Deborah in swimming lessons. They were both doing well ... until the swim instructor who decided to HOLD Deborah under water past the point of comfort.

I don't know what he thought he was doing. He was a new instructor. New to her and new to instructing.
Long story short.  Deborah is no longer willing to go under water at our pool.  But, she is willing to play in the water without her floaties.  Just enough to make me nervous. 

So, today we were just about to leave the pool and she was playing in a large blue ring when she slipped and I saw her go in under the water.  I was standing right on the edge of the pool.  My first instinct as a mother was of course to pool her out, but then I realized if I acted in panic, she'd be scared about going under.  She was only in water that's about 2 feet deep.  All she needed to do was stand up. 

And, she did.  She stood up with a look of shock on her face and I smiled at her and said, "Wow! You did such a good job!  I'm so proud of you!"  I could see the confusion on her face at first.  She was actually not intending to do that and she was really not happy about it.  She was really wanting to cry.  But, then there was a hesitation. 

I helped her get out of the water and said, "Hey, who do you want to call to them about that?  You did such a great job remember to blow your bubbles." 

Then she shocked me.  I was expecting Dad or Nana or Papa or Jessica or Aunt Joyce.


I must have had a look of confusion or shock on my face.  She said, "What?  I haven't talked to him in a while."

So, we called her cousin Kevin.  Thank heavens Kevin is a great guy!  After a couple of rounds of phone tag, she was able to be congratulated by Kevin and her sense of accomplishment was complete.

Thanks, Kevin!  We love you!