Saturday, September 23, 2017

Appointment Miracles

We have been struggling for almost a year now with a pretty important medical issue for Ryan -- his ability to keep his food in his belly. Of course, this can have a cascading effects, especially when it's already on top of his other medical issues. We've been working on this particular issue since January without success. At times it seemed manageable, and during the summer, it seemed it might even be getting better.

Coinciding with this has been the challenge to find a specialist that I feel comfortable working with in this area. A few years ago, we had a GI specialist in Austin that we loved, but then she stopped seeing patients to do research. The next doctor we tried was rough. Rough on me. Brilliant man, and at first, I thought I could manage it for Ryan's sake. But, I always left his office feeling like a bad mom. I wanted to ask Ryan's other doctors to call him and just put in a good word for me.  After tearfully sitting in the parking lot for 20 minutes following a particularly rough visit, I decided I needed to find another doctor.

We received recommendations and a referal for a lady here in San Antonio but her first available new patient visit was in December (FIVE MONTHS away) and they don't maintain a cancellation/waiting list.  Resigned, I settled in to wait. I felt okay about waiting because his problems did seem to be getting a bit better.  Until Thursday.  On Thursday, the problem showed up with a vengeance. I felt discouraged and wondered how we were going to dal with it for another 3+ months while waiting for the GI appointment AND attend school. I started to feel a bit overwhelmed at just all that it could effect when the specialist's office called. They had a cancellation for Friday!

Isn't that miraculous?!

Everything about the appointment was perfect.  We left feeling hopeful.

More than anything, I feel thankful for our God who hears and answers prayers. I wanted to share this here because as I prepared for the appointment on Friday, I was reading through past blog postings and was overwhelmed at just how often our God has blessed us.  I know that He is far more generous to me than I deserve.  I am so thankful.