Thursday, May 8, 2014

Reading Restaurant

Deborah's class did a "Reading Restaurant" tonight.  I wasn't sure exactly what to expect, but it was really awesome!  When we arrived at the classroom, Deborah was whisked away into the classroom while all we waited outside with all the other parents.  After a few minutes of listening to busy, excited sounds escaping from the room, each of the parents were individually invited by the hostess (aka the teacher) to join their little chef.  

Our chef was darling!  It's amazing how big she's getting!

She had prepared a menu for us.  The "appetizer" was a sample of her story writing; the "salad" was another example of her story writing, the entree was a story that she wrote about EACH member of her family.  For dessert, we had a choice of three of her favorite books to choose from.

The video below is her reading one of her favorite books.  You have to turn up your volume pretty loud in order to hear her and there's a lot of background noise; however, if you listen pretty closely, you will hear that she's using a funny voice. It was a book about an Italian family and their pizza business.  It was really, really funny to listen to her talk.