Wednesday, August 17, 2011


This was in our garage today:

Did you gasp?  If not, maybe I should have enlarged the picture so you could see the detail and get a real feel for just how big the spider was ... or at least how big the spider is in my head.  ;)

I'm not a fan of spiders, or any creepy crawly critters that belong outside of my personal space.  I don't mind them living outside away from me.  I just don't want them in my personal space, which if possible includes my yard when I'm out in the yard. 

So, you might be wondering what happened to this spider.  Thankfully, I have a brave son who was willing to take care of it for me.  (I don't even like to feel the squishing of the spider, and I'm confident this one had a lot to squish.)  David came out to the garage.  At first David and Johnathon suggest I just run over it with the van.  But I was concerned that the vibrations of the van movement would cause it to run away.

Then David came up with the brilliant idea of using the shovel.  At first I thought he was going to do the kind, gentle thing of just moving the spider outside.  It wasn't necessarily the option I wanted, but I didn't want to be a bad Mom.  (Would it make me a bad Mom to insist that my child crush the spider?)  And, before I could give it a second thought, WACK!  He slayed the spider!  WACK!  WACK!  By the time, David finished, there wasn't even much left to identify that there had once been a spider.

I hope no search and rescue spider teams come looking for their old friend.  One was enough.