Saturday, November 10, 2007


I have been praying about this whole situation with my tubes and IVF, etc. The answer came today that I need to speak with one of the men at our church congregation. In a testimony that he shared last month he shared a story about his work experience as a fertility specialist. He is military; thus, I wouldn't be able to see him professionally. I don't usually like to share my health information with people. However, my answer was to speak with him. I will do that on Sunday.

I'm so thankful for personal revelation.

Friday, November 9, 2007

And the OB says ...

I spoke with OB. She said the enlarged and fibrous appearance to my uterus on the CT is consistent with having had 5 children.

The hydrosalpinx is not something she would recommend treating. She again confirmed that there is nothing her office can do for us as far as having another child. She feels like we'd just be wasting our time with any type of attempt to get pregnant. She's also concerned that if I do IVF that I might get pregnant with multiples. She's not sure that my uterus could handle a pregnancy with more than 1 child.

I still feel very confused. I do not have an answer to why I have such tenderness on the left side. Additionally, I'm not sure it makes sense for us to spend $15,000 on a CHANCE of getting pregnant when we already have 5 beautiful healthy children. I called the fertility specialist and they want $280 to just talk with us on an intial visit. If money were no object, I wouldn't hesitate. However, that is not my reality. I just feel so unresolved about all of this. I will keep praying.