Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Current Excuse for Being Late

The other morning I went to run what should have been three very quick errands.  "Should have been."  It took an hour longer than I anticipated.  This seems to be a common pattern lately.  So, I thought I'd go public with the issue.

If I'm late, there's a good chance that you can blame this:

Yes, the roly poly bug, or as I would like to call them ... a PILL bug.  Why is this harmless little bug causing me to be late?  Because apparently they need to be rescued. 

Every where we go, Deborah has to stop to rescue each and every PILL bug from any potential dangers.  She's even developed her own little technique.  She first scares them so that they will roll up into a ball so that when she gently tosses them out of danger they won't get hurt.  Then the toss.  It's always a gentle toss. It can't be too hard and she always ensures that they will land back on the dirt and grass where she is confident they really wanted to be.

It's kind of sweet, but it's making me a little crazy.  I hope this phase ends soon.

PS  Do you think this is a result of me telling her that I'm really not going to have the other 8 children she wants me to have?