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Today we studied the Swiss born artist Paul Klee. Here are the boys' Klee's:



Monday, October 27, 2008

Family Home Evening: Halloween Style

Tonight we did the annual Halloween style family home evening. Everyone participated. Dad and Jessica carved the pumpkins. They did a great job, right?

Jessica's Jack

Dad's Jack

Of course, it takes a while to carve pumpkins and well, the rest of us got a bit silly ...

And, I have amazing, wonderful, inspired, sweet, fun, and thoughtful visiting teachers. Today they brought cupcakes. So we had yummy, yummy treats! (Thanks, Jana!)

(Be sure to click on the picture of Deborah! You don't want to miss the crumbs.)

Happy Birthday, David!

Can you believe David is 10 years old? We are so thankful to have David as a part of our family. In honor of his ten years, I thought I would use 10 words to describe him. Here goes: witty, intelligent, thoughtful, honest, friendly, totally cute, hard working, fun, charming, and righteous.

This year for his birthday he wanted: legos, transformers, neoshifters, video games, board games, nerf dart guns, a watch, or money. He received legos, a neoshifter, backgammon, a watch, 2 amazing pictures drawn and framed by his sister, and money.

He designed this fun birthday "cake". It actually is pudding with crushed oreos on top, milano cookies as tombstones, and cool whip as ghosts.