Saturday, October 24, 2009

Brighton's Duck Race

David and I attended Brighton's Duck Race today. We didn't win anything nor did any of our friends, but it was a successful day. Thanks to the help of my friends, I sold more ducks than any one person has ever sold. Whewhoo!

The duck race was fun to watch. Plus, they had a lot of fun little activities for the family. Maybe you can join us next year.

Oh, and there was this duck there. A real duck. Did you know that I don't like real ducks? I think they're all evil. I'm confident this one was evil. David was sitting just to the right of where this picture was taken. The duck was ready to peck David on the bum. David was lucky I was watching out for him. Evil duck.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

David Received His Arrow of Light

With the help of a great Webelos leader, David has worked hard this year and earned every award for the Webelos Cub Scout.
Tonight he received his Arrow of Light. Matt Pearce, the Cub Master, did a great awards ceremony for him and the other boys who were advancing.
They're a great group of boys!
The ceremony was fun and meaningful. Dwight and I appreciate all the leaders who have helped David along the way in Cub Scouts. David, we love you and are so proud of you!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Today was a really busy day for Jessica. She had seminary early this morning followed by a club meeting before school. Then a long day at school followed by school class fair followed by a Young Women's activity night. So, in hopes of spending a little extra time with her, we picked her up after school, picked up Chick-fil-A. We had planned on eating at Chick-fil-A; however, we realized that by the time we unloaded, ordered, ate, and reloaded, she would be late for her meeting. So instead we went through the drive through, drove back to the school, and had a picnic. It was nice to be outside, and it was especially nice to spend a few extra minutes with Jessica. She sure is a great kid!