Friday, February 10, 2012

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Jessica's Vase Art Competition

This is Jessica's Vase Art piece for this year's competition.  
She has studied a lot this year about the Holocaust and 
felt inspired to do a tribute piece. She received an award for her work.

Holy Socks

Today I came home and while I was talking to Deborah I noticed that she had on her favorite lacy socks.  The ones I bought her just about 2 months ago.  But they looked a little different today.  Not only were they dirty, but the toes looked really different.  This is what I saw ...

Maybe it's not immediately obvious to you, and maybe, like me, you need a closer look. 

Maybe your response is:  What is that on the toe?  That was my response.  If you guessed, clear tape, you're right.

Of course, being a Mom my first question to Deborah, was "What happened to your socks?"   Understanding the importance of honesty, she simply said, "I don't want to tell you."  I said, "Well, you're going to need to tell me cause I can see that something happened to your socks." 

I admired her honesty and her bravery.  I'm pretty sure if I had been her, I would have just hid the socks, or thrown them away. 

I patiently waited for her to feel brave enough to tell me.  As the evening passed, she kept the socks on.  One sock with tape covering her toes, and the other sock with bare toes.  

Later when we talked, I asked her again if she was ready to tell me what happened.  She said, "No, Momma, I don't want you to send me away."  It broke my heart that she would think that because of her socks she might be sent away.  So, I put her on my lap and we talked.  I explained to her why sometimes people have to leave to get help, but that most things Moms & Dads and Heavenly Father can just forgive us for doing them.  It was a tender teaching moment.

Eventually, she told me that she cut the socks and in an effort to put them back together, she taped them.  It didn't work like she thought it would. 

I admired and appreciated her bravery in keeping those socks on all day and in talking to me about it, especially since she was fearful that I was going to send her away.  I love this little lady and am so thankful that God trusted her to me!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Beautiful Lady

Jessica had her hair done today. 

Doesn't she look absolutely beautiful?

Now, I think I want more red in my hair.  What do you think? 

PS  If you're in San Antonio and you're looking for a GREAT place to get your hair done, check out Emali Lane, particularly Emali.  She's the very best and super fun!

A Conservative Mom Freaks Out

What would you think if you were a conservative Mom and you saw your teenage daughter's hairstylist putting this color on her hair?

Really?  We had agreed on nothing too extreme, right?  We had agreed.  I know we had agreed.  The three of us.

Hmmm?  Perhaps trusting isn't my strong suit. 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Great Quote from Facebook

Read a great quote today on Facebook: 

Isn't that good?  I thought it was just too good to not remember and share with all of you.  Thanks my friend, Leslie Hollingsworth Reynolds, for sharing this beautiful thought with me!

I hope you're having a wonderful Sabbath.  I'm home today taking care of a sick little Deborah.