Friday, April 15, 2011

Tonight's Conversation with Deborah...

This was the conversation that followed me noticing a little black bead in Deborah's mouth as I was tucking her into bed for the night:

Me: Please don't put things like that in your mouth.
Deborah: Why?
Me: Because you could choke on them.
Deborah: Could I choke on chicken?
Me: {{{ pause }}} Yes, dear, I suppose you could choke on chicken also.
Deborah: Ha, ha. That's funny!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What I wish I had said...

Do you ever have those moments that you look back on and wish you had said something different? Maybe sometimes the words used conveyed the wrong meaning. Maybe sometimes the words weren't said at all. Or, have you ever "put your foot in your mouth?" Or just a missed opportunity.

Here's my story ...

A friend at the dentist office asked me if the reason I don't drink caffeinated drinks is for religious reasons. I said, "No, it's really a decision I made based on my health." While my answer is true, it's only partly true. What I wish I had said is:

I don't drink caffeinated sodas because after years of health issues, I started praying for help from God. I needed to feel better. I needed to have energy to raise my children. I was sleeping 4 hours a day in middle of the day, and if I didn't rest, I sounded drunk because I was too tired to form my words. One day, God told me as an answer to my prayers that if I would quit drinking caffeinated sodas I would find answers and have more energy. Because of past experiences with God, I believed that if I did what He asked me to do, He would do His part. And, He has. He always does.