Saturday, December 27, 2008

We took the kids to the McNay Art Museum today. I had read about an exhibit they had showcasing the works of Tim Burton's the Nightmare Before Christmas, one of Deborah's favorite movies. I was excited as this would combine a Cub Scout requirement for David with some fun stuff to see. Dwight took some cute pictures...When was the last time you were at an art museum? Do you love them? Hmmm... I don't. I was there for about 15 minutes before I was ready to leave. I felt like a child with ADD. Yup, the paintings are cool. And, Yup, I recognize the names of those artists ... but, can we go yet? Okay, can we go now?

I'm glad my sweetheart has so much patience with me. Afterall, I talked him into going. He had other things planned for his day and I said, "I'd really like you to be with us. Please go and let's have a family field trip." So, he did. And, me ... yea, I was ready to go 15 minutes after getting there. Dwight was great though ... he made it fun for the kids and pointed things out to them.

The good part of our day ... I got a cute photo of Johnathon ... see:

Rolling Over

Tonight Ryan was laying on his play mat surrounded by the Skinner Box on 3 sides and some dangling toys/noise makers. He managed to roll almost over but his right arm was tucked down straight at his side. Ryan felt panicked by his inability to get back to his back. He started to cry/fuss. Dwight went to him and was so pleased with Ryan's accomplishment.

I love that when Dwight sees Ryan, he sees all that he can do. Dwight plays with him and talks to him like he's the perfectly healthy child. I'm so thankful cause I need his reminder that Ryan is perfect. Sometimes I worry so much about him that I forget to just enjoy him.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

He must have been watching...

On Tuesday, Dwight and I took Johnathon and Deborah Christmas shopping for their sibling's exchange gifts. While Johnathon and I were walking around Target, he spotted a Star Wars cap and instantly fell in love! He asked me if we could buy it and I said, "Not tonight." He quickly responded, with the faith of an imaginative 6 year old, "I sure hope Santa's watching in his snow globe!"

So, what could Santa do but give him that hat for Christmas? As soon as he opened the gift, (Oh, how I wish I had been taping then), he exclaimed, "Oh, he WAS watching!"

It's almost 9 pm here and I am wiped out. It's been a busy day, but oh, we've had fun! I thought I'd share a few pictures and a few fun video clips. Okay, there's really more than just a few ...

Last night we went to see The Tale of Desperaux. We had read the book as a family a while ago and so we were pretty excited to see it. The munchkins all decided to wear santa hats to the theater.This year I started what will be a new tradition. We took a picture of each individual child as they came down the stairs for Christmas morning. Isn't that fun? Ryan was still snuggled up all comfy in bed.And, of course, as soon as I took the picture, he started to wake and did that cute little baby stretch...Daddy started our Christmas morning with some fun Christmas songs playing and Deborah was SOOO excited she could not contain herself. I tried to take a picture of the little Christmas dance she was doing, but couldn't catch her ever facing the camera.We all ate a little protein to get us through the morning exercises. :) And, then it began... Daddy always hands out our presents. He does an amazing job! We had lots of fun! It's great to watch the munchkins open their gifts. I think we must have the most gracious children on earth too. Everything was just what they've always wanted! Ryan was awake for the festivities and seemed to be fixated on the lights. Deborah bought him a new wrist wrattle. She was scared to death of them as a baby, but he doesn't seem to mind them.Deborah was really excited that Santa had brought her stuff with Elmo on it. I think she would have been perfectly happy with a box wrapped in Elmo.
Tonight while nursing Ryan I was reading a wonderful blog written by a Mom with a child who has Cerebral Palsy (CP). The blog site is:

I feel overwhelmed at what our future may hold. How will I balance the needs of Ryan with all the needs of my other 5 children? Will I really be able to help him live his best life? Will I be patient enough? Will I be smart enough? I pray I'll be able to rise to what ever the occasion calls for. I know it may seem selfish, but please, please let Ryan be alright. That would be the very best Christmas present ever. I believe in miracles...

Merry Christmas!

It's 1 am and everything is finally ready for Christmas! Most years I don't sleep well on Christmas eve, but tonight I'm so tired that I think I'll sleep just fine. I'm sure Ryan will be waking in just a few short hours.

Hmmm.... what time should we start the festivities?

Anyway ... merry Christmas to you all!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I saw this on Jenny's blog and also thought I'd give it a try. You should try it too.

These are a list of questions that you must answer with one word answers. Can you do it? Here;s my attempt...

1. Where is your cell phone? bag
2. Where is your significant other? bed
3. Your hair color? brown?
4. Your mother? Talented
5. Your Father? Trustworthy
6. Your favorite thing? people
7. Your dream last night? blank
8. Your dream/goal? Fitness
9. The room you're in? bedroom
10. Your hobby? knitting
11. Your fear? drowning
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Beach
13. Where were you last night? Date
14. What you're not? Psychotic :)
15. One of your wish list items? Beach
16. Where you grew up? Indiana
17. The last thing you did? read
18. What are you wearing? undies
19. Your TV? on
20. Your pet? kids
21. Your computer? communicate
22. Your mood? cheerful
23. Missing someone? yes
24. Your car? van
25. Something your not wearing? socks
26. Favorite store? depends
27. Your summer? hot
28. Love someone? many
29. Your favorite color? fall
30. Last time you laughed? minutes
31. Last time you cried? today

Your turn...
We are very blessed to have the sweetest Occupational Therapist who works with Ryan at our home. She is so encouraging and thoughtful. During her visit on Friday, Ryan was very alert, and really enjoyed being near the Christmas tree. He seemed to be looking at the lights. Notice how well he's holding up his head in this picture ... and he's doing it without any support.

Only 29 more days...