Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday's Doctor Visit

Ryan had a really good night last night. He has been moved from guarded condition to stable. His oxygen saturation levels have been rising and staying really high. At 12:30 today we took Ryan off supplemental oxygen.  The real test will come when he goes to sleep.

Ryan's lung CT showed that he does have pneumonia.  It was hiding behind his heart.  The good news is there was not a lot of scar tissue!  So, the doctor has asked that we continue the meds as ordered but we can go back to every 4 hours for the IPV treatments.  YAY!

His lungs are sounding a little better.  His O2 sats are hovering right around 94-96 without any supplementation, even when he's napping. The trick will be to see whether he can keep them them overnight.  He must stay off supplemental oxygen with his saturation levels over 92% for a full 24 hours before we can home.