Sunday, March 20, 1994

Tuesday, March 1, 1994

Saturday's Warrior

In 1983, I played the role of Shelly in a local production of Saturday's Warrior in Indianapolis, Indiana.  It was a great opportunity.  I learned a lot, had a lot of fun, and made a lot of friends.

We also took the show on the road.  I think we went to Missouri.  I'm not really sure why Missouri.  But, it was a fun road trip.

Monday, January 24, 1994

Me in 8th Grade

My mom took me shopping for 8th grade.  I'll never forget it.  We bought an entire wardrobe. My Mom taught me how to mix and match the clothes so that I'd have more outfits to wear.  I felt like a superstar that day because we bought so many things from a really nice store.  And, I thought I was pretty stylish in this outfit.

Monday, January 17, 1994


On June 17, 1975, Cynthia Lorene Scott, my sister passed away from the effects of Cystic Fibrosis.  She was known to most people as "Sunshine" for the joy that she brought to the lives of all who associated with her.  Cindy was 9 years old when she passed away.

What I remember most about Cindy is that she would bring home brown grocery bags full of stuff from the hospital.  They were full of things that people would give her.  The best part:  she would share.  Except she wouldn't share her Bugles.

Do you remember these?  Have you ever had them?  My sister didn't have to share her bag of Bugles and so for years whenever I found them in a vending machine I'd buy them just so I could eat the whole bag like she did.  :)

The final days that my sister lived she spent in Riley Children's Hospital.  The last day that she was alive, Joyce and I were at a friend's house, the Wilson's.  My friend Jenny Wilson.  I distinctly remember that when my parents arrived I was downstairs playing.  The Wilson's had a cool antique telephone on their wall.

My Mom said I ran away when we arrived and I didn't want to talk with them.  I don't remember that.  I just remember thinking that Cindy was going to peek around the corner anytime.  Perhaps that's just what I wanted to believe.  I was hoping.

Then I remember seeing my Dad's face.  I remember seeing the heartache on Dad's face and his tears.

As a parent now, I cannot even imagine experiencing the loss of a child. Nor can I imagine having to tell my other children that their sibling has returned home to live with Heavenly Father.  I have tried to imagine it since there have been times when Ryan's health seemed to be heading in that direction.  Just the idea of it is heart wrenching.

Saturday, January 15, 1994

Our Family Update

 This first photo was taken of our family in 1973.  The picture was taken by the tree in front of my Grandpa and Grandma Bryant's house.  We were there for a celebration of their 50th Anniversary. 

My mother made these pink dresses for us.  My mother is a very talented seamstress, as was her mother, and as is my daughter.  I don't know if it skipped a generation or not, or if I just haven't taken the time to develop that particular talent.  The things I have made have always turned out beautiful.  I just haven't spent as much time as those talented women have developing their talent in sewing.

Some day I would like to develop that talent.

Monday, January 10, 1994

Family Pictures

This is my Aunt Elsie and her granddaughters, Rhonda and Sheila.  They are, of course, my cousins.  We played together a lot when I would visit Aunt Elsie's house.

This is Aunt Elsie with her husband Uncle Johnny.  This must have been taken years earlier than anytime that I can remember.  Aunt Elsie looks very young here.

This is Brenda, Lisa, Smiley and another one of the Pruitt children.  My uncle and aunt adopted these children.

This is my uncle and aunt, Warner and Glaydell's children.  This family group was taken sometime between 1973-1980.

This is a picture of Glaydell.  I love the smile on her face.   She looks truly happy here.

Sunday, January 9, 1994

My Grandpa & Grandma Scott

My Grandpa is one of my very favorite people EVER.  This picture was taken of him in 1970.

I have great memories of my Grandpa and Grandma Scott.   When I was growing up, we went to visit them frequently.  My sisters and I would always race to see who could get inside first.  It didn't matter what they were doing when we arrived, they always took time to make us feel important. 

And, I never remember a time when we were leaving that they didn't stand out on the porch waving good bye to us, especially Grandma. 

I learned so much about the gospel from Grandma and Grandpa, not only from their words but also from their examples.  I remember people saying that my Grandma never had anything bad to say about anyone and that she could find good in everyone. 

When I was really little I didn't like the way my maternal grandma treated my Mom.  She was just grumpy a lot.  I suppose it was because she had a lot of stress in her life and had dealt with a lot of tough stuff.  I remember wondering if my Grandma Scott could really find something nice to say about her too.  But, she always did and I really don't remember ever hearing her say anything unkind about anyone. 

I also don't ever remember her wearing pants.  :)

A funny thing I remember about my Grandpa ... he used to tell jokes that had a swear word in it.  He really didn't swear but he thought it was okay to repeat a joke with a swear word in it.  Nothing too foul though.  Funny man.

One of my favorite memories of my Grandpa is a time when we were traveling someplace together.  We must have been in the car for a while, at least a few hours.  I was reading the scriptures and my Grandpa explained to me in detail a seemingly complicated revelation.  I think I was only about 6 or 7 years old but it helped me to gain a love for really studying and understanding the scriptures instead of just quickly reading them.

When my Grandma died, I was in high school.  I sat next to my Grandpa as they were making Grandma's funeral arrangements.  As others were talking, he placed his hand on my knee and said, "Well, now it's up to you to be the next great Scott."

I am working to live up to that challenge, Grandpa.

Monday, January 3, 1994

They were a happy family.

A cute Mom and Dad, and two beautiful little girls, but life just wasn't complete yet.  Some wonderful little one was missing ... giggle giggle. 

Saturday, January 1, 1994

It started here.

This picture was taken many years ago of my Dad. Of course, he wasn't my Dad back then.  But, he was a pretty cute kid, huh?

In viewing the picture, someone once said:  "Every time Joe Edd Scott laid his hat down, Burney would take it.  As he was getting older, he'd always say, 'I wish I could fill Dad's hat.'"

(By the way, I think he's done a pretty good job filling his Dad's hat.  I'm sure I'll tell you more about that along the way.)

For now, I thought I'd show you more pictures of where I get my looks.  :)   I'm sure you'll see the resemblance.

 Well, this story, obviously needs two heroes:  my Dad and his leading lady, my Mom. 

I love this picture of my Mom.  Do you see that look?  You can see how strong she was, even as a little girl! 

This is a picture of my Mom with her family.