Friday, April 9, 2010


Okay last night ... that was a really weird sensation! When I first laid my bald head down on the pillow it just felt wrong. It's just the strangest sensation. And, it's cold too! I tried putting on one of Dwight's sweatshirts with a hood, but that felt odd too. I think I'll go buy myself a soft sleep cap today.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

What I know...

Tonight I taught interviewing skills at our weekly employment workshop. I love the workshops. I love the candidates and the other specialists! It really is a treat to be there each Thursday evening.

As I drove home tonight I was thinking of some of the concepts that we discussed. The 2 that really stuck out in my mind are:
1) It's all attitude.
2) Let your light shine.

Let's talk about attitude. In an interview, an arrogant attitude will land you no offer and a shy, bashful attitude will not help you either. However, a confident attitude goes a long way in making a good impression.

It's also true about life. I bet you've noticed that, too. What I can testify of today, that I might not have been able to do before, is that attitude also helps you in adversity. What I know, without any doubt at all, is that God will work every trial, every irritation, every adversity, every weakness to your good ... IF you will allow Him. AND ... IF you will, you will see his tender mercies all around you. I know without a doubt that you will. It's all about the attitude.

(Please know that I am not saying that the road will not be hard or long. I just KNOW that He will not leave you comfortless. I know it.)

And, #2 ... Let your light shine!!!

I frequently see candidates who really don't know how to speak of their talents and/or accomplishments. Often they want to tell the mock interviewer all the reasons they aren't the perfect candidate for the job. This always brings to mind the following scripture:

"Therefore, let your light so shine before men
that they may see your good works
glorify your Father which is in Heaven."
~Matthew 5:16

You probably remember this chapter. The Savior is speaking to his Disciples. He preaches what is usually referred to now as the "Sermon on the Mount." Remember, "Blessed are the ___; for they shall ____." It's a great chapter. I love the part about the salt. In our day it seems a little odd to say, "Ye are the salt of the earth." But, when you think about salt and it's significance, it really brings a whole new meaning to this chapter. (I'm off on a tangent. I will bring it back, I promise. But, you should check out this article on the significance of that statement. What is salt really? Great article.)

Anyway... back to Let your light shine!

Can you bring people to Christ if you won't communicate with them? No. Can you bring people to Christ if you have no confidence? No. Where did your talents come from? (And, yes, YOU DO have them!) from HIM! Let your light shine! The interview is the place to communicate your strengths. You don't need to be boastful or prideful. Just share them.

Come to think of it... an interview isn't the only place to do it. Sometimes I'm amazed at the talents my friends have. Friends that I've known for years. Why haven't you shared your talent before? Do not hide that which God so lovingly gave you.

That's what I know.

PS... I haven't met anyone yet who doesn't have talents. And, yes, I meant to say talentS.

And, it's GONE...

Monday night you probably remember that we did a "Going, Going, and (almost) Gone" edition of Family Home Evening. Well, today my dear friend, Michelle, came up to remove the (almost).

Monday night as Jessica was cutting my hair, Deborah looked up at me and said, "Don't you want your hair, Momma?" Oh, so sweet. The little lady just melts my heart.
I wasn't sure what she'd think about today's session, but she came in the room while Michelle was shaving my head. So I asked her what she thought about it. She looked at my hair for a minute and then happily responded, "Awesome!"
I wasn't sure what I'd think about it. I thought I'd be fine with it, but the other night was a little shocking. It wasn't my hair that I was feeling anything about it, but I obviously felt something. While I was talking with Jessica later that evening, we both agreed that it was more the reality of cancer that we both felt a little sad about that evening. The hair will grow back. (And, yes, my dear Johnathon, my friends will still love me without my hair.) But, the reality is I really do have cancer and it really does stink having cancer.

So, how do I feel today? I feel relieved.

I'm so thankful to have such a huge support system! I can't imagine doing this without you all. Thank you for sharing in my journey!

And, Michelle, thank you again for being willing to do this sweet act of service for me!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I know you're anxious to see pics of the big hair cutting session. Unfortunately though I've had a weird response to this week's chemo. I'm bright red, running high fevers, and feel quite miserable. Thankfully, this will pass, right?

I promise to get the pictures blogged soon. Thank you all for your prayers and support!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Papa and Ryan

Papa (my Dad) has been visiting since Tuesday and will be here till Friday. It has been so nice to have him here and he has been so helpful! We sure love and appreciate him!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

New Pics of the Medi-Port

The bandages were causing my skin to get really itchy, red, and even raw. So, tonight I took everything but the steri-strips off. Here's what it looks like... (please excuse the neck wrinkles) ... I couldn't decide which was the best picture so you get to see them all ... except for the one that made me look like I had a LOT of neck wrinkles ... I deleted it.