Friday, July 3, 2009

Another Milestone!

Ryan has achieved another milestone! Today he held his own bottle for a couple of minutes. We are so proud of him!

In case you don't know, let me explain why it's so exciting for an 11 month old baby to hold his own bottle.... Ryan has hypotonia, which basically means he's super floppy. He has been using his legs to kick and to move his body from his back to his side, but he generally doesn't use his arms at all. In the past month, he has started using his hands more, but it's very awkward and difficult.

If you know Dwight, you know how persistent (read stubborn) he can be. Dwight has been giving Ryan his bottles a lot lately. When he does it, he's been helping him hold his hands on the bottle. I, of course, quickly realized that this was a great idea and followed his lead. Typically, as soon as I would remove my hands, his arm would flop back to his side. But not today!

Today he actually kept the pressure on his hands and maintained for probably 2 full minutes. We're so proud of him!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Johnathon got new glasses!

These aren't his new glasses, but aren't they awesome?
Johnathon, in typical Johnathon fashion,
had a GREAT time at the Optometrist's office!
He explored everything and tried on every pair of kid-size glasses in the shop,
laughing and smiling the whole time.
It really brightened everyone's day to watch such a happy child.