Saturday, October 25, 2008

I Know!

Tonight I attended a Time Out For Women held here in San Antonio. While Michael McLean was performing/speaking he asked us to listen and think of ourselves as asking the questions. He wanted us to listen for the responses. The first question he said was "Do you love me?" We were to imagine ourselves asking our Heavenly Father that question. And, we were to listen for the response.

As soon as the question was asked I thought, "I know He loves me!" I know it because it is evidenced all around me by all the amazing people in my life. During all of this year's events, I have had so much support. Any time I have started to feel overwhelmed or discouraged, yet another sister has shown up or called to put their arms around me with love and support. We have been the recipient of so many kind acts this year. Thus, I know He loves me! I know He hears and answers my prayers, even the ones that have only been whispered by my heart.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thanks, Aunt Joyce!

We loved the book & plushy thingy!
We loved the pencils and the straws!We loved the Halloweeny pencils!
and we really loved the ...


But, most of all, we love you!! Thanks for thinking of us! We had lots of fun today and the kids sure appreciated your thoughtfulness.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Still hurting and you want me to do what?

Today I went back to the surgeon. They removed the cast. Here's what it looks like ...

I'm pleased with how clean the incision is. It's about 4 1/2 inches long, but straight and thin. The purple stuff is actually a marker. (If you look closely on the right end, you'll see where they had me right my initials.) But, the green stuff is not a halloween decoration; it's the remnants of all the bruising.

After meeting with the surgeon and being lectured about 5 times by her and my Sweetheart about my continuing limitations, I was released to the rehabilitation center. They made me a removable cast and gave me instructions for exercises to do twice a day. Here's what my new cast looks like...

So, now the fun begins ... they want me to move my fingers. I can't even straighten out my fingers or make a complete fist. The physical therapy isn't fun. But, I'm hopeful that it'll start feeling better soon.


On October 20th we took Ryan to see an Ophthalmologist as Dr. Rhame suggested. His eyes do not seem to move together, nor does he track anything. He doesn't seem to respond visually to any stimulus, and I'm not sure if his little pupils even dilate like they should. Dr. Rhame suggested we have him see Dr. Lina Marouf of Retina Associates of South Texas.

They used some drops to dilate his eyes. Then with Dwight holding him on his lap, they propped his eyes open with some torture-looking devices. Apparently, they poked at his eyes a bunch. It only lasted for probably less than 1 minute. Ryan, of course, cried through the whole thing. I was thankful that I didn't have to hold him. It's hard to watch people do things like that to your children, even when you know it's to ultimately help them.

Anyway ... the diagnosis was good. His retinas are correctly formed. This doesn't, however, tell us anything about his vision. Dr. Marouf referred us to Dr Zwaan or Dr McCash for further review. How can one test an infant's vision? Hmm....