Saturday, July 13, 2013


I'm sorry if it seems to all of you I have been slacking.  I'm sure you've noticed my sparse postings over the past few months and my lack of any postings since Ryan came home from the hospital. 

This semester I thought it would be a good idea to take 8 credit hours in school.  Oh was I wrong!  With all the unexpected emergencies, Jessica graduating and getting her ready and sent off to college, and the beginning of summer, it has been tough to keep up with 8 college credit hours.  I am still managing 2 A's and struggling to pull the B back up to an A.  That B will be why I won't be doing anything fun for the next week -- except math.

I've always loved math until this class.  My family thinks it's great that now I can relate to their feelings about math classes.  Perhaps.

I promise I've been taking lots of pictures and mental notes.  As soon as I get through the end of July, I will update you all on everything that's been happening and give you lots of pictures.

Till then, send me good Math thoughts... ;)