Thursday, October 25, 2007

The bad news has been confirmed

Today I saw the dr for a follow up to the ultrasound. She confirmed that with hydrosalpinx my only hope for getting pregnant would be to have the assistance of a fertility specialists. She gave me the name of a dr whose office is within a mile from my home.

She also pushed and prodded on the lump. It hurt. She thinks it might be a hernia and has recommended that I see a surgeon. I suppose we'll see what he says.

I still don't understand why Dwight and I both have received the personal revelation that we are to have one more child. I know that adoption is always an option. It just doesn't seem to be the answer. I will keep praying about this. I need to understand why it's changed.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

NEVER again?? ..... But .... there's one more.

Today I had an ultrasound done. While I was laying on the table, the ultrasound tech said that both of my tubes were filled with fluid, a condition called "Hydrosalpinx". Then she said, "You won't have any more children without doing IVF."

WHAT? I suppose she assumed that because I have 5 children that she could just drop this news on me without softening it any way. It's really come as a HUGE shock and a great disappointment. We have been trying to conceive #6 as we KNOW .... or at least thought we knew ... that there is one more child to come to our family.

Now what?