Friday, January 22, 2010

Physical Therapy

Today we put Ryan in his AFO's and shoes. Erika had him practice bench sitting. He looked OH SO BIG!
We sure appreciate all of Erika's help and especially love her ability to see Ryan's progress!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Today's Therapy

Today our Occupational Therapist came over. It's always fun to visit with Dee Dee. She has the best ideas!Ryan worked hard. We're so proud of him and how strong he is becoming!
PS Thanks for the pictures, Dee Dee!

Good news!

The evening of December 18th, Dwight received a call to let him know that the company he had been working for as a contractor had decided to let him go. That's the way things go with contracting, but it was overwhelming getting that nurse the weekend before Christmas.

Due to all that was going on in our lives, the holidays, moving and cancer treatments, we really didn't get started on his job search until December 27th. I was especially nervous because we are acutely aware of the condition of the job market. It's tough right now! We know lots of good candidates who have been out of work for a while. But, we pushed forward full force. We lost a couple of days due to the New Year's holiday and due to treatments.

But the search is over.

Yesterday afternoon Dwight accepted an employment offer with a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company, one of the “Big 5” consulting firms. It is a great opportunity and sounds like something he will really enjoy. He will be able to keep his hands in technology, but also do some new things as well. Although he will travel some, he will be home most of the time.

Once again, we have seen the Lord’s hand in our lives and are thankful for His blessings.

Thank you for all your prayers, love and support!

PS Only ONE more treatment! Whewhoo!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Today is Treatment #7

It's almost time to leave for treatment #7. It finally feels like I'll be finished soon. Hopefully, we'll repeat last week's success and only require 1 poke for the IV.

A lot of you have asked what happens after the treatments finish.

As you know I have finished the radiation treatments. They were very successful in that the lumps they radiated are gone. The only things left are the biopsy marks and the radiation burns. The radiation burns are even healing. They are no longer raw, thankfully. They just look darker than my pasty white skin and some of them are really bumpy.

Two weeks after my last drug treatment, I will meet with the Oncologist again to discuss my status. I have a couple of other areas of concern that will probably be biopsied. They have been somewhat responsive to the drug treatments, but they are not gone. Their response has made me wonder if they are also cancerous. I'm hoping that we can do a PET scan or some sort of test to verify that there is NO more cancer in my body. I know insurance companies do not like to do PET scans due to their expense, but I don't want to let some cancer cells continue to develop either.

So, I'm hopeful that the drug treatments have been successful and that we can put this cancer issue to rest for a while. However, I do have a little whisper telling me that I need to push for further tests. I hope it's just me being paranoid. We'll see. I'll keep you posted.

But for today ... I think I'll just keep praying for the people in Haiti, the victims and those who are there to help. Can you imagine how scary today's aftershock must have been? Maybe you'll join me in prayers for them?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

She couldn't hold still for the picture, but she sure looked beautiful today. Thanks for the pretty dress, Nana!