Saturday, February 21, 2009

Jessica celebrated her birthday tonight with many of her Beehive friends. They watched "The Return to Zarahemla", had sodas, ate popcorn, pizza rolls, and cheese sticks. But mostly they just hung out, playing games and giggling. Great girls!

She wanted a Sushi cake and since she's a realist she knew I would not be the one to make it for her. :) So, she made it herself. It was her first time playing with fondant. I think she did a great job!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Baby Ryan's New Chair

One of our amazing therapists recommended a Bumbo chair for Ryan to help strengthen his core muscles and to allow us to work on his grasp. I was skeptical but we bought one. He only tolerates the chair for a minute or two, but he looks SOOO cute, doesn't he?

Ryan gets tired pretty easily when holding up his head. So, in the next picture you'll see Daddy gently helping to support the weight of his head.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Dwight & Jessica!

As you probably know, Jessica and Dwight share the same birthday. It was planned that way ... well, not from the VERY beginning, but from the time that we knew she would be delivered via c-section. Dr Nelson and Dwight scheduled the c-section around the Grateful Dead concert. (Priorities, right?) Dwight liked the idea of sharing his birthday with Jessica. He says then he just has to look at his license to remember when her birthday is. Perhaps I should create a little business card with the rest of our birthdates, laminate it and put it in his wallet. (Maybe I should include our anniversary too ... if only I could remember it.)

Anyway ... so Jessica turned 14 today! I love this 14 year old girl. She's really great! If this is "the terrible teens", I can't wait for the other kids to get there. I could not wish for a better daughter, a kinder person, or a more loveable child. I am very blessed!

Check out ALL those candles!

You should have seen all the smoke ... and yes, he almost did it in just one breath. He is an amazing man ... not just cause he has a huge lung capacity, but he's a great Mann. giggle giggle. He is a wonderful father, a caring partner, an excellent provider and a very thoughtful sweetheart! I am truly blessed!

Jacob was very excited to give Jessica his gift and to see her open her presents!

Johnathon and Deborah were also excited. When Deborah finally got that it wasn't her birthday, she ran to the livingroom to see if the tree was back. I suppose she was hoping that there might be more presents for her. She eventually accepted that the gifts were for Jessica and Daddy, and she decided to play with "John John" instead.

We all had a great day!