Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Know what's great about Cancer & Chemotherapy?

Do you know what's great about having Cancer and going through Chemotherapy?

I do.

Let me see if I can explain ...

For years I had a lot of pain in my joints. It hurt to walk. It hurt to climb stairs. It hurt to hold my arm up to blow dry my hair. It hurt to do a lot of things. Then the doctors found a way to finally put it in remission. And, I can remember feeling such exceeding joy one day at the realization that I was running up the stairs with NO pain! None. All day ... in fact ... for months of being in remission, I felt joy ... real JOY every time I moved. It was so amazing to just have no pain. I felt blessed. I felt so thankful. I felt so happy.

So, this morning I was thinking about what a blessing it is to go through chemotherapy. When I'm done with chemotherapy and my body has recovered, I will feel great joy at having the energy to do ALL that I need to do for the day. And, I'll feel great joy at being able to taste food and enjoy it every day ... not just a few days of each month. And, I'll feel great joy when I have to blow dry my hair again. I think I might even feel joy when the alarm goes off cause it'll be great to wake up feeling refreshed again. Yes, even chemotherapy can be a blessing.

Oh, but, I am human ... and geez! I can't wait to get to the other side of this chemo stuff and to feel joy about things I have taken for granted for so many years.

I wonder what else I take for granted?

What do you take for granted?